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Saturday, August 27
and Sunday, August 28


Two days of Stories!

This year Weaving Words is expanding to two days.


In response to requests from past visitors, this year we will offer 3 workshops on Saturday afternoon. These will be hands-on, "how-to" sessions for those who are interested in expanding their skills of telling stories in a variety of formats.

This year we feature workshops on blogging, songwriting and personal storytelling.

Registration is free and but please register to reserve your spot. you can sign up by e-mail at or by calling 905-478-2389.

To get mnore information visit the Saturday Afternoon Workshop Page.

James Keelaghan in Concert

We're also kicking things off on Saturday evening at 7:30pm with a fabulous concert by Canadian folk musician, James Keelaghan. This is a ticketed event and tickets are only $10 and are available on-line. You won't want to miss it.

Get tickets here:

Ken Whiteley Gospel Sing-a-long

Free Admission!

On Sunday admission is free.The day begins at 11:00am with a Gospel Sing-along featuring musician Ken Whiteley.

Sunday Afternoon Performances

Then all afternoon there will be free performances and presentations by:

• Writers • Musicians • Traditional Storytellers

• Photographers • Artisans and Vendors

Mark the date on your calendar!

Why Stories?

• Stories are all about what happened. To you, to me, to someone! These things may have happened long ago or only yesterday or perhaps they haven’t happened – yet!

• We are all storytellers. It’s what we do when we meet up with friends or family. We tell our stories – about what we’ve done or where we’ve been or what happened to us.

• Humans have told stories for as long as we have had language.  We scratched and painted on the walls of caves to tell our stories. And every village had its storyteller, the man or woman who was responsible for telling the village’s stories so that they would never be forgotten.

• Today’s modern technologies have given us new ways of telling and preserving our stories and so stories are found in print in books, newspapers and magazines. Stories are also recorded digitally, sometimes only with words, sometimes with images, or sometimes with both. So writers, photographers and film-makers are all modern storytellers.

Weaving Words is excited to bring together storytellers of many genres – writers, dancers, musicians, photographers, film-makers, and, of course, some traditional storytellers who still tell the stories that they keep safely in their hearts.

Find out about other exciting events at the Sharon Temple by visiting the Sharon Temple web site.


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